Friday, December 24, 2010

In my little Bisayan town, the guitar strings are loose...


Christmas at my sister's and I can't stop fondling with her guitar. I've been trying all day to play "Wonderwall" by Oasis and "Save Tonight" by Eagle Eye Cherry to no avail *shrugs* Happy holidays!!





"in my little Bisayan town
the guitar strings are loose
and the sound
becomes musically challenged...

i can sing alone and yet
still be in tune
without things
without so many people

yes, it is this solitude
and the rest becomes mere surplusage"

- Excerpt from "learning to live alone and be happy" by Ric S. Bastasa


asia and others 121

asia and others 122

asia and others 123
Thai flags wagging above the sunset. This was a beautiful day. I took these pictures while waiting for our boat ride. Some days, I wake up wishing I was still backpacking through South East Asia and journeying into Australia and New Zealand. If it wasn't for school and other annoying obstacles, I would embark on a one year backpacking adventure. I'm the epitome of a restless soul.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The state of Kansas in America has the best plane-filled skies

asia and others 1348

asia and others 1404

asia and others 1403

asia and others 1408